November 10, 2007

Shifting gears

I have been considering for quite some time that I'd like to take this blog from being merely a commentary on politics and the "world out there" and move it into more personal territory. I think I am ready to make the move. The changes will come over time as start to remove links in my side bar and add others.

You'll learn more about me, and I hope I learn more about you.

Let's start with this post which is a close parallel to my journey. Yep, I no longer believe. I no longer desperately cling to the hope that Someone Out There (A) feels my pain (B) will make everything better when I die or (C) even exists. From this letting go comes a sense of freedom unlike anything I've ever known and a deep recognition that any change I wish to see in the world will not come from On High, but from me. From us.

And boy, that can make me awfully depressed sometimes. For instance, sweetie and I love each other deeply and truly. We want only the best for each other and our relationship. Yet, even he and I can struggle, can sometimes not see the forest for the trees, can push each others buttons, can talk past each other, can Not Get what the other is saying and sometimes not even care to. We've started talking to someone who can help us fix this. And it's going to be work. We will do it, because we love each other and are committed to each other. Which brings me to my broader point and something I've been mulling about for the last week: What is to be done for a world in which sides are taken, benefit of the doubt never given, and forgiveness rarely, if ever, practiced?


Not Your Mama said...

Hear ya. I'm still following the political goings-on but shifted my focus to concentrate more on things I do have more control over.

Nevada Mojo Rising said...

I have always found it very interesting when I've watched collective action start on its own.

For the past several weeks, I've been thinking about how I want to make my blog more personal and leave the political alone too. Why? It seems we just have no control over the thugs and theives in politics in this country. Our country has been sold out to corporations.

Sadly, this blog experience we all share in belongs to private corporations too.

And the subject of faith? With the incorporation of Jesus, what's left?

I search.

cls said...

Yeah, I hear you both. Right now I am focusing inward, keeping things closer to home, trying to avoid the toxicity out there and really work on what is important to me and the ones I love. Deep conflict though, as this feels incredibly selfish, I know there are many looking to me for action, and yet there are just some things that I have to let go, for my own sanity.