December 8, 2007

"I'm neither as good nor as bad as my supporters and detractors probably think."

Nice interview. You have to get nearly to the end of the interview for Hillary's comment noted above. I really do like her. For those of you who've known me for years, that has come as a surprise to many, most especially me. Do I think she's perfect? No. But do I think she is the best person for the job at this time in our history? You betcha.

On Edit: Wow! I made it to HillaryHub! Welcome to all of you who are stopping by and wish to leave a comment, but let's keep the comments positive.

I just deleted a comment that contained a smear about a current candidate. I won't have smears, innuendo or false stories spread on my blog.


:: starcycle said...

Who better to understand the concerns and needs of ordinary, middle class Americans than Hillary? She actually grew up on "Main Street, USA." You can't get a more traditional background than that. Everyone's aware of Hillary's competence, strong work ethic, and high intelligence, but in this interview you can really see how behind all that she is also a just real person who "gets it" just like anyone else. Obama is a really great candidate, but I don't think he's ready to be president yet. And he might not be able to beat the republican machine. Hillary definitely can, she's done it before and knows how to do it. Hillary for the win!

cls said...
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Samurai said...

It is impossible for an able person who has thirty years of experience and good will behind her not to make it,she has the answers as well as the will for the good

Monique said...

Im not even American but I've followed the Clintons since Bill first became president and believe that he had the vision and power to turn the whole world around, not just the States. That said, I send all my best wishes and prayers to Hillary in the hope that she can get into office and show everyone else how it should be done:-)