January 2, 2008

Another Progressive for Hillary

In all the holiday busy-ness I missed this: US Representative Lynn Woolsey has endorsed Hillary.

"Hillary Clinton is the candidate with the strength and experience to bring about the change that California families need," said Rep. Woolsey. "I trust Hillary to end the war in Iraq, bring our troops home quickly and safely, and regain our nation’s standing around the world."

Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey is serving her eighth term representing all of Marin, and most of Sonoma County.

As Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Congresswoman Woolsey is a vocal and visible leader on progressive issues, particularly those dealing with children and families. A passionate and outspoken opponent of the Iraq war, she has helped move public opinion against President Bush’s failed Iraq policy. She introduced the first resolution calling for our troops to be brought home and convened the first congressional hearing on military exit strategies. The San Jose Mercury News recently called her "the unofficial matriarch of the [anti-war] movement in Congress."

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