January 27, 2008

A former Obama supporter speaks

Related to my previous post Teh Nutroots says it well at Buck Naked Politics:

But it seems that no one must be permitted to criticize our new Democratic conquering hero.

All of which is making me---previously an Obama supporter myself---like Obama less, whereas I was previously planning to vote for him.

I don't want an untouchable idol running for president. So often they turn out to have feet of clay. I want the issues, and the criticisms, thoroughly threshed out in public forum so I have an idea what I'm dealing with here. I don't want any nasty surprises AFTER the nomination, when they will find out the meaning of dirty campaign tactics and "smears."

But the Obama's position just seems to be that the Clintons should just roll over and hand Obama the nomination now on the strength of the light corruscating from his glittering halo. What abject nonsense.


ClassyChic said...

I feel your frustrations loud and clear. It gets almost tiresome arguing with my friends who are Obama supporters. They feel that he can do now wrong, that he is the next JFK, that he is omnipotent. It's really annoying because you can't talk about the issues at all. It's either how the Clintons are racist, how HRC doesn't deserve the delegates in Florida and Michigan, etc. They are so hateful and I worry that if Clinton gets the nomination that Obama supporters will vote Republican simply out of spite.
It's very difficult to even support Clinton publicly without being seen as a racist, a traitor, a person who just doesn't get it. I'm sorry that I haven't been sucked into all the hype but I just cannot see the appeal in Obama at all.

Mike said...

We travel in different circles.

I have enjoyed many friendly conversations with Clinton supporters.

BTW, of HRC doesn't deserve those
delegates. The DNC had the rules and they broke them (michigan and florida).

Now, what about these incidents?
Pretty wild stuff: