January 9, 2008

This just in: Another endorsement for Hillary

I just received the following from my dear friend, Cathylee James. You will remember that she ran for the Nevada Assembly against Tom Grady in 2004 and 2006. Cathylee knows about fighting against all odds, not just on the political front, but in her own life as well. I will let her words speak for her:

Dear left electorate friends,

Some thoughts respectfully offered for contemplation in advance of our awesome work on the 19th...Like so many of you, I've weighed the candidates for months now, have met and shook hands with some, listened and watched all. We have such a fine spectrum of presidential hopefuls that it's one of the toughest choices imaginable. That said, I am, as of this morning, heartily landing in Hillary Clinton's camp. I am, finally, thoroughly convinced that this is the individual who can not only dig us out of the abyss Bush has created for us, but can also put our country back into the column of countries that care, that live in harmony with others, that live in harmony with the earth. I believe this for many reasons, though those reasons were in a jumble until last evening.

As I listened to the 'reporters' relating the New Hampshire returns, something struck me. Vaguely, at first. Then it took shape. As Wolf Blitzer and his colleagues watched the numbers mount for Clinton, contrary to their much-touted polls, they reluctantly reported that Clinton was leading, 'but there are still precincts in college towns that can turn this around for Obama!', they said, with unabashed hope. Faced with a steady six thousand vote lead that never dipped or dimmed, these 'journalists' refused to project a win for Clinton until finally forced to do so by inescapable reality. I love and follow many sports, and what I witnessed was exactly akin to biased sportscasters watching their team lose. It was repugnant, to put it mildly.

But it organized the candidate jumble in my mind. Edwards and Richardson and Kucinich and Obama are fine candidates and every one would get my vote if they won the nomination. But Bush and Co. have left us in desperate straits--at home, abroad, and at the core of our republic. What we need at this pivotal second in history is a seasoned fighter, one who can battle back against all odds, and one who never gives up in the face of merciless, often unwarranted, and unending opposition. This woman has taken it on the chin and in the gut for the last 15 years and there she was in New Hampshire--smiling, talking intelligently, keeping to the high road, graciously (and interminably) parrying the constant criticisms and attempts to knock her off course.

This is the tenacity, the determination, the diplomacy, the strength, the solicitude, and the humanity that I dearly hope to see in the presidency of a country that is teetering on a precipice.

That said, I wish you all courage in settling on your own personal choice to lead our country, and respect every one of your decisions. It's a wonderful point in our political continuum when we cannot make a bad choice. The only mistake we can make is not to voice our choice, clearly and unequivocally.

With increasing hope for us all,

I know that Shelley Berkley endorsed Hillary today, but this one means so much more to me.

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