January 29, 2008

Traveling around the blogs

Hillary won big tonight in Florida, and please spare me the argument that Florida's delegates won't be seated. We all know they will. If the Democratic Party really wants to win in November, its members will not disenfranchise 1.6 million Democratic voters.

So, I took a trip around the liberal blogosphere to see what the reaction might be to such a huge victory by the first viable woman candidate AND in a state where no candidates campaigned. Unless, of course, if you consider Obama's cable ad buy that played in Florida over the last two weeks in Florida a violation of the pledge the candidates all agreed to, then certainly this contest is telling, no matter how much the Obama campaign tries to laugh it off.

And believe me, there were grassroots groups organizing in Florida for their candidates. Shouldn't this be a huge victory for progressives? A pure test of the strength of grassroots organizing! No overlord campaign staff, no directions from on high! To echo Dr. Dean: Yeargh!

Except for one, eensy, fly in the ointment. The favored candidates of the blogosphere got trounced. That wasn't supposed to happen! So rather than cheer the result, here's what I found out there:

DailyKos lists the Republican results ahead of the Dems.

Over at The Huffington Post, it looks like Republicanland. Oh wait, there's a brief mention of the "beauty contest" in Florida.

Talking Points Memo has one post about how the Clinton campaign will not be able to spin their "win." The rest of the posts deal with the Republicans in the race.

And we are having a big fight at DailyKos trying to get DHinMI to correct the front page post claiming that Hillary campaigned or did events in Florida. No. She honored the pledge. She did no public campaigning, ran no ads and only did a few private fundraisers, as did Obama.


Mike said...

Obama did NOT make an ad buy in
Florida TV markets. He bought ads
on Cable TV stations, which are
aired nationally. That's why we
are still seeing Obama ads here in

They broke the rules. (Michigan
and Florida.) If the race is still
open when the convention convenes, those delegates will NOT be seated.
Those two states had fair warning.
If there's a clear winner, the delegates may be seated....but with some sanction (like reduced state delegation) likely.

carissa said...

Funny, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton managed not to do a national cable buy before the Florida primary.

You know that Obama has indicated in the past that he would seat the Florida delegation if he were the presumptive nominee, don't you?

Here is the link

Interesting part of the story linked above, Obama gave an impromptu press conference after agreeing to the pledge. The reporters seemed to know that he shouldn't be talking to them, and asked him about it. He claimed ignorance (of something he had JUST agreed to). So...who is breaking the rules?

I repeat: It wasn't the Democratic Party of either of these states that "broke the rules." It was each state's legislature. I never have agreed with the DNC's draconian decision, even before I was on board with a candidate.

The DNC should not be disenfranchising Democrats in two of the most critical states we need to win in November.

And I also have a sneaking suspicion, if Obama had won Florida or had not made the foolish decision to pull his name from the Michigan ballot and had scored delegates or even won, I imagine his supporters would be screaming to high heaven if those delegates weren't seated.