January 18, 2008

Why I Support Hillary Clinton

As I mentioned a few days ago, I met Sven of My Silver State and many other Nevada blogs at the Douglas County Dinner last Saturday. While there he took this video of me declaring why I support Hillary Clinton.

I'm off to do some last minute Temporary Chair training.

Okay, I look a bit goofy, but here goes!

Tomorrow's the day! I'm so excited!

1 comment:

Vignir said...

I just don't understand why you support HRC...in a country of 300 million, are only two dynasties fit to rule...?

Does Bill's open endorsement of a lawsuit to disenfranchise voters who might not vote for HRC mean nothing to you? Does this not even strike you as being pretty similar to Bush’s attempts to suppress black votes? (yes, caucus are funny things, but DNC set the rules 9 months ago and that was the time to question the arrangements)

I am a woman too, and although I have no kids, how can I vote for a person who willingly sent children off to the Iraq war?

Also, I just don’t understand the old white feminists...Gloria S and Susan F speak pretty much for white upper class women...didn't hear them utter a word to support women like Paula Jones. Juanita B and Monica L, who pretty much had their lives destroyed because of a powerful man's predatory behavior.

So good luck, hope you get your candidate elected, and don’t forget to send your daughters/ nieces to serve as White House interns