February 18, 2008

The GOP plan for Obama

What we've been saying all along. From Politico.com:

RNC donor event outlines Obama attack plan

RNC Chairman Duncan as well as Co-Chairman Jo Ann Davidson opened the Sunday session with a Power Point presentation outlining five main strategic attacks against the Obama candidacy. A Politico reporter witnessed the document, but not the presentation.

The first called for pointing out what the GOP views as a seeming incongruity between Obama and the mantle of commander in chief. The second point harkened [sic] back to Obama’s days in the Illinois state Senate, noting how his “pattern of voting ‘present’ offers many openings to question his candidacy.” The third offered hope to the GOP faithful that “we can be confident in a campaign about issues.” A fourth bullet point relayed how “undisciplined messaging carries great risk,” while the fifth and final attack point stressed, “His greatest weakness is inexperience. He is not ready to be commander in chief. He is not ready to be president.”


Mike said...

Is that all they got???

I am literally roflmao!

His voting present is a postive point in his favor: when legislation (much of it he authored!!!) proved to have certain problems (like constitutionality), he voted present in order to table it and work on revamping it to get it right. (You listening, Hillary, John???)

"Inexperience". Well, let's see. Over a decade of deadlock and ground breaking legislation (including in US SEnate) developed
via adept coalition building skills. Serving on the Foreign Relations Cmt., he's traveled the world (often with Dick Lugar) with a focus on inhibiting the spread of WMD. His Obama/Lugar Bill (expanding on earlier Nunn/Lugar Bill) was signed into law. He has
authored several deadlock breaking bills on Energy.

Mike said...

Commander in Chief????

Many military leaders feel that on several fronts, Obama is the most impressive, stable, and prepared person they have seen to serve in that role. Check it out!
General Tony McPeak, who interviewed everyone on both sides of the aisle, speaks highly of him.
And, endorses him. He has spent considerable time with Obama on the road....and has served many Presidents (Joint Chiefs, AF Chief of Staff, etc.) and feels Obama would do very well as Commander in Chief.

carissa said...

You say many, then speak of one. A casual perusal of Hillary's military endorsers:

General Wesley Clark (Ret)
General Paul Eaton (Ret)
Former Defense Secretary William J. Perry
General Johnnie Wilson
Former Secretary of the Army Louis E. Caldera
Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy (Ret)

Dee said...

Mike, if Obama is the Dem nominee, he will lose to John McCain. What's BO biggest achievement? Lobbying Reform...what? huh? OK. McCain is an American hero.

jenmarie said...


You wonder if this is all they've got? I think we should keep in mind this is the Republican Party we're dealing with here. You want to see what they really have lined up and ready for Senator Obama if he wins the nomination?

The Bulletin, Philadelphia's Family Newspaper

It boggles my mind that so many progressives and liberals are buying in to this -- that the media and Republicans actually support this guy... sign... Will we ever learn?

BJ said...

Mike you're an idiot on every level from the beginning 2 lines in your post.

Bush had zombie sheep, we really don't want to see a bunch of idiot sheep on the left adoring Obama as their new Svengali.

wake the fuck up dumbass

Mike said...

Great to see my memory stirred re: certain experiences from Caucus Day, BJ. Thanks!!!!

Will be reposting you comments everywhere I can, they were so stirring!

carissa said...

While I do not censor on my blog, let's cool it with this sort of name calling and threats, both of you.

Mike, I am still waiting for you to come up with one principled stand that Barack has taken. I'm waiting for your reply to jenmarie's linked article.

I am waiting for your answer as to why it's okie-dokie for Barack's national campaign manager to strong arm black super delegates.

Mike said...

I already answered question #2.
I said it was jerk behavior.

I have to comment on that article?
Maybe when I can get online again.
I do not have my own computer.

carissa said...

Mike, you said: Yes, Jesse, Jr. and the others there are acting like jerks. That's obvious. Barack is a gentleman. You know that.

Actually, no, I don't know that. What has he said publicly about these tactics of his campaign chief? Nada. JJ,Jr still has his job.

What did he say about JJ,Jrs' comments about Hillary "crying about her looks" which you and I know is not true.

When has he defended the Clintons, long-time friends of the Black community, against the charges of race-baiting?

Where is his denunciation of the sexist treatment of Hillary Clinton by the MSM?

No, I am not certain that he is a gentleman at all.

Dave said...

After reading jennmarie's linked article, I can only repeat Mike's opening sentence--is that all they got? All Democrats have been called the L word by the righties for so long now, I just have to roll my eyes whenever that charge gets repeated. How long are you guys gonna be afraid of people calling us names? Big deal.

Carissa, you wouldn't be certain if Obama was a gentleman if you were Deborah Kerr and he was Cary Grant in An Affair to Remember, if ya catch my drift.

I'll send you a list of his "principled stands", but it will take me awhile to compile them all.

carissa said...

I'll send you a list of his "principled stands", but it will take me awhile to compile them all.

I didn't ask for a LIST, I asked his supporters to NAME ONE principled stand he has taken. Surely you don't need to "get back to me" on that. Please tell me which issue is his line in the sand, what issue on which he will not bend and where he has faced the fury of the public square because of it.

BarackNevada said...

Let's review Hillary's record:

Healthcare in the '90s... failed. Senator Bill Bradley said at the time that he laid quite a bit of blame on Hillary: "She threatened to demonize any Democrat who didn't support her version of the plan."

Attorney General in the '90s... failed. The initial two candidates were so poorly vetted that they had to resign, then finally managed to find Janet Reno which Bill Clinton called "one of the biggest mistakes of my administration."

Iraq War vote... failed. Claims she was misled but 92% of Democrats polled at the time said it was a vote to go to war.

Introduced legislation to make flag burning a crime punishable by time in jail. This put her to the right of Justice Scalia who said burning the flag was clearly free speech. Can you say pander?

In the meantime, during her years in the Senate, Sen. Clinton has passed no major legislation and chaired no committees.

So, what to make of her record?

1. When she's had to make a major decision she's gotten it wrong.
2. Her record of accomplishment is undistinguished.

BarackNevada said...

As for principled stands:

1. Upon graduating as Harvard Law Review's first African American editor he takes a job working with minorities and the disadvantaged in Chicago, thus passing up the millions of dollars he could have made working for a corporate law firm. As a result, Obama was only able to pay off his student loans a few years ago.

2. Makes a speech in 2002 voicing his opposition to the Iraq War. Contrary to the Clinton campaign's assertions this was an easy position to take, it was actually quite dangerous since he was a prospective Senate candidate whose state overwhelmingly supported the war.

3. While campaigning last summer Obama made speeches to the National Education Association as well as auto workers in Detroit where he told them things they didn't want to hear. For the NEA he told them he was in favor of merit pay; for the auto workers he told them he thought their union could do more to curb the release of carbon emissions.

Now, tell me exactly where Sen. Clinton has made a stand of conscience in her years in the Senate?

A quick review finds her bravely standing for whatever 50.1% of the country wants.

A quick sample:

* voted for the Iraq war when 70% of the country was for it, against it when 70% of the country was against it

* voted against the Levin amendment

* introduction of legislation making flag burning a federal crime punishable by time in jail

Also, it's hard to see how her campaign in S. Carolina was principled in any manner. Basically, it was this: did you know that Barack Obama is BLACK? He's BLACK like Jesse Jackson is BLACK. Isn't it great to have someone who is BLACK running? Oh, did I mention he was BLACK?

That whole thing brought to mind Bill Clinton flying back to Arkansas during the '92 campaign to watch a mentally retarded man be executed.

The convict was Ricky Ray Rector, and it has been reported that he asked that the dessert from his last meal be set aside and told the prison guards: "I'm going to eat it after my execution."

At least Pres. Clinton was able to prove he was tough on crime.

Mike said...

Overview of Obama's Ten Year Legislative Record

texex said...

Just to see if you still have a sense of humor. With my complements for your strong devotion even if we disagree:


Now wasn't that fun?