February 21, 2008

Jill's In!


Jill Derby is throwing her hat into the ring to take on Dean Heller. Her web site is up, and she tells me that they should have the "contribute" link working by tomorrow. Let's all help her out and work to send Jill to Congress.

From her announcement speech:

I'm a Democrat, and I know there are a lot of Northern Nevadans who aren't. But unlike Dean, I have always put Nevada first and I always will. Now I'm sure that over the course of this campaign, Dean will spend a lot of time highlighting the fact that I'm a Democrat, and hoping that's all you'll ever know about me. Like many in politics these days, he hopes voters will simply follow the party line and not question anything else, especially his record. But, I would like to ask a simple question, one more important than political parties or campaign tactics. The question is, ‘Are you satisfied?' After giving him two years to get it right in Congress, it's time to ask that question. Are you satisfied?

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