February 11, 2008

Media Rules

William comments about how the media spins Hillary to suit THEIR agenda. It's Calvinball, writ large:

Well, let's see what misinformation/spin the media has put forward in this campaign so far to help obtain the result they seek:

Iowa was a great victory for Obama.

If Clinton lost New Hampshire, she was through and should concede.

Clinton won New Hampshire because she cried, and because of a "Bradley effect," where racist whites refused to vote for Obama.

Nevada was a split decision, even though Clinton won the popular vote.

Michigan didn't count.

The Clintons decided to make race an issue, just in time for the South Carolina primary, where 53% of the voters would be Black.

South Carolina was a tremendous win for Obama.

Florida didn't count.

On Super Tuesday, Obama did better, because he won the caucuses. Obama's ability to draw Republican votes in states like Idaho, Utah and Alaska is testament to the broad appeal of his message of hope.

Clinton has run out of money and her campaign is in disarray.

Clinton may or may not have raised some additional money, but Obama has raised more. Also, because the campaign changed managers, this is further sign of disarray.

Obama would do better against McCain, because...well, he just would, everyone knows that. And look at all those Republican votes Obama has been getting.

Clinton should withdraw for the good of the Party. Actually, she should have withdrawn after Iowa, but we'll take it now.

Caucuses are quite fair, because Obama has done very well in them. Superdelegates are not, however; because Clinton has more of them. And Florida and Michigan votes should not count, and Clinton is playing dirty politics by insisting that the votes count.

Clinton is too polarizing a figure. For proof, just look at all the negative things we say about her. We are not saying negative things about Obama, thus he is obviously not as polarizing.

National polls may show Clinton ahead with Democrats, but we don't feel like covering that. Also, she may have received about half a million more popular votes, but we're not impressed by that, either, and won't mention it.

We are sort of tired of covering this campaign, and would like to get back to celebrity gossip or disappearing women abroad, for a few months. Why can't Clinton see that, and just give up? If she stays in, we are going to just keep on hammering her, you know.


texex said...

Carissa, regardless of who wins the Dem nomination there is something here that everone should know about the repug nominee apparent.


How disgusting can one pile of skin get?

carissa said...

Surely you jest! The MSM media will not disparage their beloved!