March 1, 2008

Hillary's National Security Cred

Obviously these military leaders think Hillary Clinton is ready to be Commander-in-Chief.

Flag Officers Endorsing Hillary Clinton for President and Commander-in-Chief

General Wesley Clark
General John M. Shalikashvili
General Henry Hugh Shelton
General Johnnie E. Wilson
Admiral William Owens
Lt. Gen. Joe Ballard
Lt. Gen. Robert Gard
Lt. Gen. Claudia J. Kennedy
Lt. Gen. Donald L. Kerrick
Lt. Gen. Frederick E. Vollrath
Vice Admiral Joseph A. Sestak
Major General Roger R. Blunt
Major General George A. Buskirk, Jr.
Major General Edward L. Correa, Jr.
Major General Paul D. Eaton
Major General Paul D. Monroe, Jr.
Major General Antonio M. Taguba
Rear Admiral Connie Mariano
Rear Admiral Alan M. Steinman
Rear Admiral David Stone
Brigadier General Michael Dunn
Brigadier General Belisario Flores
Brigadier General Evelyn "Pat" Foote
Brigadier General Keith H. Kerr
Brigadier General Virgil A. Richard
Brigadier General Preston Taylor
Brigadier General John M. Watkins, Jr.
Brigadier General Jack Yeager

By comparison (from Wikipedia, nothing on the Obama web site)

Barack Obama's Military Endorsements

Clifford Alexander, Jr., former Secretary of the Army
Susan Ahn Cuddy, first female gunner officer in the U.S. Navy and daughter of Korean Independence fighter Ahn Chang-ho
Tom Daniels, Texas Air National Guard
Richard Danzig, former Secretary of the Navy
Donald Joseph Guter, former Judge Advocate General of the Navy, current Dean, Duquesne University School of Law, Pittsburgh
Richard D. Hearney, former Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps
John Hutson, former Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy
Jeh Johnson, former General Counsel of the U.S. Air Force
Lester Lyles, former Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force
Merrill A. McPeak, former Secretary of the United States Air Force
John B. Nathman, former Vice Chief of Naval Operations
F. Whitten Peters, former Secretary of the Air Force
James Smith, former Deputy Commander, Joint Warfare Center, US Joint Forces Command

Hillary Clinton today in Texas: “When my opponent says it’s fear-mongering to talk about who is ready to protect America, I say: If you can’t have that debate with me, how can you have it with John McCain?”

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Dave said...

Obama Receives Endorsement of Flag Officers from Army, Navy and Air Force:(March 12)

Citing his judgment and ability to lead, admirals and generals from the United States Army, Navy and Air Force that together have served under the last nine Commanders-in-Chief announced their endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for president.

In offering their endorsement, the generals and admirals recognized Obama’s judgment to oppose the war in Iraq before it began, his respect for the Constitution and rule of law, his leadership on behalf of America’s servicemen and women and his ability to conduct the diplomacy necessary to restore America’s standing in the world.

BTW, Obama won Texas, 99-94, check it out on and don't forget to post the news on your blog--you wouldn't want to misinform your readers.