March 30, 2008

Miles to go before I'm home

So here I am, coffee in hand, I plop myself in front of my computer, pop open my home page (iGoogle), click on the Google News icon and see this (second main story down):

I think, "I know this has to be a joke, so why is it here?" I click on the link, and as I suspected, the link takes me to an Andy Borowitz story at The Huffington Post. Okay, fine, but why is a satire article in the News Headlines section of Google News?

Not content with that, and being a real masochist, I click on the main link for HuffPo and take a gander at the home page.

Deluged? From Obama supporters I am sure. But I guess at the Obamington Huffington Post those are the only voices that count. Let's take a look elsewhere, shall we?

SusanUnPC at No Quarter writes:
    You wanna know Barack’s big problem? He can’t close the deal. My daughter said to me months ago, “Mom, if he were really that charismatic, he’d have had this sewn up a long time ago.”

    Oh, and if you can point me to where Barack is calling for "unity" in this article, I've got a Unity Pony™ for you. He says he can unite the country. He can't even unite the Democratic Party.

    More on the unity front, it's nice to see articles like this. Now, if only the MSM would pick up on it.

    But other senators, especially rivals Clinton and Republican John McCain, have been irked by what at times they considered Obama's holier-than-thou posturing. Some others said they hadn't seen much evidence of Obama's desire or ability to cut deals, bring together disparate forces, or engage on legislation that didn't fit into the political narrative he wants to shape for himself.

    "Aside from working with him on the ethics bill, I really had very few dealings with him," said Sen. Susan Collins (R., Maine). She supports McCain but enjoys rare status as a Republican moderate, which makes her a go-to person for Democrats.

    "In some ways, that's telling, because usually people who consider themselves to be working across party lines, the people who are inclusive, know the moderate Republicans well, and he did not," she said.


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