March 28, 2008

An Open Letter to Howard Dean

March 28, 2008

Governor Howard Dean, Chairman
Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Dear Governor Dean,

I just received your email asking me to contribute to the DNC to help support the 50-State Strategy so that we will be able to take on John McCain and put a Democrat in the White House in November.

You may not be aware of this, but I was one of your staunchest supporters in your bid for the presidency. I was the original coordinator for our Meetup in Reno, Nevada and worked my hind end off for you. When you dropped out of the race I was heart-broken, but I listened to you when you asked me to get involved in my local party. And I did it. Even though our party’s nominee wasn’t my first, second or third choice, I still walked precincts, phone banked, tabled and did what I could for John Kerry. I moved up in the party in Nevada and finally, after your ascension to DNC chair, I was proud to be hired as one of your first “boots on the ground” as the rural organizer in Nevada. I stepped down from that position in May of last year, but continued my activity with the Democratic Party as the secretary and web master of our county party, holding the chairmanship of the Nevada Democratic Rural Caucus, serving on the executive board of the state party, conducting activist trainings, organizing our caucuses and convention, and on and on and on.

Governor Dean, I believe in the 50-State Strategy.

But where has it gone?

As far as I can see, we’ve got a 48-State Strategy right now and one that will certainly lead to defeat for Democrats in November. We most certainly won’t win the White House, and heaven knows what sort of down-ticket damage will be done by the millions of Democrats who will stay home, or worse, vote for John McCain, because the Democratic Party was more concerned about some arcane rules than counting the votes of two million of its members.

I never in my life thought that my party would allow anyone to stand in the way of voter enfranchisement. But it appears that the party is doing just that, for as you know Barack Obama has singularly tied the hands of Democracy by not agreeing to a revote in Florida or Michigan.

So it appears there is only one solution. Seat the delegates of Michigan and Florida. And seat them just as the original primary votes shook out. The Democratic Party has always stood for letting voters be heard. We must not stop now. If we do, then I can no longer call myself a Democrat.

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