March 21, 2008

Update: I am Hillary Clinton

Started by The Red Queen, "I am Hillary Clinton" is catching on. Check it out. It started with this post and in the comments the "I am Hillary Clinton" meme was born. The idea was to show how the sexism directed at Hillary really does affect all women.

The Red Queen posted first. Then I had to get in on the act.

Pocochina at The Raging Prosecutrix does it to and so does Tobes at Hear Me Roar. And celiloquy.

Shakespeare's Sister give The Red Queen a shout out.

Edit #1 and bumped to the top:

ouyangdan at Random Babble picks up the meme.

As does unclekracker


The Red Queen said...

The Shakes plug massively increased my blog traffic. So did all the live journal peeps. This is so cool.

The Red Queen said...

Over at my place we have a We are Hillary blogroll. Anyone who's a Hillary should drop me a line in comments!

chang'e said...

hey! thanks! i was completely more than happy to play! thanks for the link!!1!