April 6, 2008


You know, a lot of of us have gotten a lot of flack and condescenscion for our support of Hillary Clinton. For me it started with a dear friend who, upon seeing my Hillary button, shook his head and remarked, "I thought you knew better." It continues and even last night at the Churchill County JJ Dinner an Obama supporter friend of mine, when I expressed my support for Hillary, smugly said, "You'll change." I can put up with this stuff, but I've got to say, it is really difficult hearing this from people who know how hard I've worked for the Democratic Party. I don't take kindly to being summarily dismissed.

Taylor Marsh points us to a blog post over at the community section of Barack Obama's web site that's been there since February 14th. The particular blogger seems to have done a rash of posting all on the same date, but this is the post is the one that is getting the attention.

Hillary vs Obama: The Slavery Perspective

Field Slave/Obama Supporter: "I seen a way to freedom and power. C'mon go with me. I figured out a way to the promise land - that place Martin and Malcolm spoke of. There’s hope and possibilities out there for us. There some white folks I know say they gon help us get there. The time is now – right now. Come On..."

House Slave/Clinton Supporter: "Massa Clinton been good to us. Git on 'way from here Obama. You gon cause problem fo us all!! Didn't Massa Clinton give you food and shelter all these years. Where you gon take us? You never been nowhere but right here on dis plantation wit us. This here fine living. We don't know where you trying to go. They gon kill you. Then how us gon survive? Aint no white folks gon hep you. Get on way from here Obama. Gon now...git"

Looking at from this historical perspective . . . who was right????

As you can imagine there are a lot of comments about this post, but this one broke my heart. Patsy, an AA Iraq veteran, writes (emphasis mine):

I posted without reading this thread and I am shedding tears of anger. I have no words right now that can remotely express how reading this post made me feel.

I have heard negativity from these people, told I hope my ass die the next time I deploy to iraq for supporting her. And now according to this I am a house slave? Because I support her?

They criticize my job, tell me oh thanks for serving your country, but then when they find out I support HRC, i become equivelant to working in satans army. And now they attack there own race.

They attempt to demean me because of my choice not coinciding with theres. Have they any shame. This is unexcusable. There attempt to make someone feel less than themselves because they choose to support a candidate other than theirs.

To the people here tonight. That post is the nail in the coffin. I cant except this. Senator Obamas campaign has gotten away with all this racial divide,and I can literally not accept this type of behavior from a presedential candidate, his associates and his supporters.

By not addressing this they have allowed for people to become insulted, made them to feel like they are worthless and stupid, and now like we are prejudice to our own race.

Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean or whoever needs to have Senator Obama step down. I am emotionally and physically unable to accept this person running for President.

And if I have to write a letter to God himself to achieve this goal I will do so. But since it seems the Democratic Party and media dont want to listen and do anything, I am going to do it in reverse.

This time I am writing our Military leaders and take it out of the hands of these individuals who are intent on destroying our country, one slanderous word at a time.

When I got that email about hoping I die in Iraq for supporting HRC. I let it go and contributed it to a delusional supporter. But now I see that this man condones these type of things. I am know longer going to address this as Patsy, but SGT Rogers, cause I refuse to even listen to justification for this.

There is nothing the media, or anyone else can say that can make me understand why in the hell he is able to get away from this.

This man lacks the things necessary to be Commander in Chief, President and everything else. And I will side with the enemy before I continue to watch this play out because the Democratic Party is excited about voter registration and money.

I want all of there asses gone because they do a disservice to our country. Senator Obama claiming ignorance is not going to work because he needs to be held accountable.

I am going to write to every damn military official there is, every single person who I think might care, even if I have to cross parties to do so by writing Republicans. Because this is just unacceptable.

I refuse to accept Senator Obama running for president and treating this position as something that is his right and using any means to get there. They actually had shackles.

I feel as if our leaders are betraying us and making us suffer by destroying the foundation of our country and all the hard work and effort of our civil rights leaders.

This man is not worthy and they have crossed the line. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the DEM Elite want this man as president, but they might need to pack there bags now because she will never be reelected unless they count the votes of cows and chickens.

What hurts me to my soul is that I never thought I would have to fight like this here and look at them as if they are the enemy.

But they are doing just as much damage as our enemies on foreign soil. What have we come to? Do they honesty believe I could fall in line to support him if he is picked when he has basically giving the impression that black HRC supporters are house ni****?

Nancy and Howard are worried about causing party divide. And yet again they have no freaking clue. By the time this is over they will not only have to worry about the Democratic party being divided,because Senator Obama will be guilty of dividing our country as well.

It wasnt good enough to ruin the Party, but now he is contributing to dividing the African American people as well.

And then there is this. Alice Walker, in her support for Barack Obama, chides white women and says:
One would think she [Hillary Clinton] is just any woman, but she is not. She carries all the history of white womanhood in the US in her person; it would be a miracle if we, and the world, did not react to this fact. How dishonest it is, to try to make her innocent of her racial inheritance.
I am sorry, but what exactly is that supposed to mean? It sounds an awful lot like Alice Walker is trying to guilt-trip us. Talk about the sins of the father (punishment for which even the Bible can't seem to agree on).
I can easily imagine Obama sitting down and talking to any leader - or any person - in the world, with no baggage of past servitude or race supremacy to mar their talks. I cannot see the same scenario with Clinton, who would drag into 21st-century US leadership the same image of white privilege and distance from others' lives that has so marred the country's contacts with the rest of the world. But because Clinton is a woman and may be very good at what she does, many people (some in my own family) originally favoured her. I understand this, almost. It is because there is little memory, apparently, of the foundational inequities that still plague people of colour and poor whites.
Wow. Just wow. So, Hillary carries all the "history of white womanhood," but Barack carries "no baggage of past servitude?" But this is really what galls me:
I am a supporter of Barack Obama because I believe he is the right person to lead the United States at this time. He offers a rare opportunity for the country and the world to do better. It is a deep sadness to me that many of my feminist white women friends cannot see him, cannot hear the fresh choices toward movement he offers. That they can believe that millions of Americans choose Obama over Clinton only because he is a man, and black, feels tragic to me.
So Alice Walker supports him because she believes that "he is the right person to lead the United States at this time" but I, as a white woman, am somehow blind because I am immune to his "movement?" Again, what condescension! As though it could not be possible that my reasons for supporting Hillary are exactly the same as hers: That I believe Hillary is the right person to lead the United States at this time. And it could not be possible that I reject him NOT because he is male, and/or black, but that I believe him unprepared for the demands of the highest office in the land.

And speaking of movements, Alice Walker has the nerve to equate Barack Obama with Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela. I'm sorry but I must have been sleeping when Barack lead marches for civil rights, or was thrown in jail for taking unpopular stands. Could someone please at least point me to any major civil rights legislation that he has introduced, gone to the wall for, has the scars to show for? Glen Ford, editor of the Black Agenda Report writes:
Having done nothing to shape the politics of the Obama campaign, Black spokespersons began describing Black mass voter support for Obama as a "movement." In this way, they could pretend that something besides a one-shot election campaign was underway - a campaign in which they were mere ciphers.

There was no movement; it was a total invention. Movements make demands on candidates and other notables. Movements have their own agendas. The movement would have preceded Obama on the scene and shaped him. Nothing vaguely like movement activity was happening in the Obama campaign, where Black and white progressive supporters behave more like groupies than activists.
I have to stop. This post is getting too long.


mystic4hill said...

Alice Walker says of Hillary Clinton, “She carries all the history of white womanhood in the US in her person; it would be a miracle if we, and the world, did not react to this fact. How dishonest it is, to try to make her innocent of her racial inheritance.”

Ms. Walker seems to forget that a part of that “white womanhood” includes the “racial inheritance” of the following white women:

Mary Grew
Abby Kimber
Sara Pugh
Margaret Jones Burleigh
Lucretia Mott
Mary Ann M’Clintock
Anne Knight
Elizabeth Heyrick

In case Ms. Walker doesn’t recognize these names, these were just a few of the white women abolitionists who devoted their lives to the anti-slavery movement.

I resent, deeply, Ms. Walker’s insinuation that every white person in this country is a descendant of a slave owner and therefore is responsible for slavery. That’s a slap in the face to every white person who’s ever laid down their life in the fight against slavery; every white person who laid down their life for civil rights in this country.

By the way, Ms. Walker, my family has been in this country for barely 100 years, and came here to escape the pogroms in Russia. Many never made it out.

carissa said...

Hear, hear!