April 5, 2008

Cookies, Footwear, Office Politics and More

I can't find my booties this morning so I'm sitting here in my bathrobe barefoot. Cleaned out my internet history too, so my autofills are gone. Good thing it's Saturday!

New site find! Hireheels.com

All kinds of cool stuff there including news, videos, a blog, ideas on how to forego your manicures and donate the proceeds to Hillary at Nail the Nom. Actually, I've been doing that! My nails look like crap, but Hill gets the $$ she needs.

From the Hire Heels blog:

No matter how inspiring I find Senator Obama, I still support Senator Clinton for the nomination. Why? Because of a few lessons I’ve learned from office politics. Kick up your heels if you recognize these scenarios.

Lesson 1: Real-Life Experience Matters More Than Job Title

You know the ins and outs of your department—how things really get done, what screws everything up, how to fix it and still make deadline and budget. But you’re a job title away from the promotion that just opened up, so nobody in HR wants to take you seriously. Instead, they hire a guy from outside the company because his job title sounds more like what they want. He promptly steamrolls in with “New, new, new!” ideas, but never asks you about the real life stuff that came before him—and promptly screws up everything and its brother. Now you have to work late every night for a month to fix his mistakes and he still makes more money than you do.
(click on the link for more office "lessons")

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