April 3, 2008

Democratic Values - Health Care

Universal Health Care has been in the Democratic Platform since the days of Harry Truman. From the 2004 Democratic Platform:

Our goal is straightforward: quality, affordable health coverage for all Americans ...

Ensuring health care for children. The job begins with our children. It is a disgrace that nearly 8.5 million children still lack health insurance. We will strengthen Medicaid for our families and expand the children's health program created under President Clinton so no child goes without medical care.

Expanding coverage. Under the leadership of John Kerry and John Edwards, we will offer individuals and businesses tax credits to make quality, reliable health coverage more affordable. We will provide tax credits to Americans who are approaching retirement age and those who are between jobs so they can afford quality, reliable coverage. We will expand coverage for low income adults through existing federal-state health care programs. And we will provide all Americans with access to the same coverage that members of Congress give themselves.

Cutting health care costs. At the center of our efforts will be a plan to reduce health costs. We will lift a financial burden on families, businesses, and the self-employed by picking up the tab for the highest-cost medical cases. That will save America's families up to $1,000 on their premiums.

Huh, funny that. In 2004 John Kerry supported what looks an awful lot like Hillary Clinton's plan in 2008.

Now Obama supporter John Kerry tells us that Universal Health Care is a non-starter in the Senate (or at least Hillary's version of it).

"Let me just tell you that Hillary Clinton's plan in the United States Senate is a nonstarter, because it starts with a mandate that is unachievable in the Senate in what we need to do,"
So ... you aren't even going to try? You're not going to fight for it? I want a president and a Democratic party that is actually going to fight for something we've been calling for for over 60 years.

And what this tells me is that John Kerry was either lying to us in 2004, or he is lying to us now because his chosen candidate is reciting right-wing talking points about mandates. I think it is the latter for as the article states:
In 2006, the Massachusetts senator proposed his own plan for universal health care that would have mandated coverage for all Americans beginning in 2012.

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