April 1, 2008

Democratic Values?

Oh God. Jeralyn at TalkLeft writes:

Howard Dean on CNN tonight: There are only 2 ways Michigan and Florida delegates will be seated. One is if Hillary and Obama agree on a plan. The other is after the nominee is chosen when she or he will control the credentials committee.
As someone said in the comments:
Where does it say in the rules that the candidates have to agree on solving this kind of situation? That's ridiculous, because obviously whoever would lose by seating them or having a revote would be against any solution, as we have seen happen. Can't Dean be challenged by Clinton just because HE isn't following the written rules on how such things should be settled? Everything I've read recently says that there are written rules that Dean is completely ignoring.
If this is true, if Michigan and Florida will only be token delegations, that they will only "count" after their votes have not been counted, then I can no longer be a Democrat. It really is that simple. My party doesn't disenfranchise voters. End of discussion.

Wow. I finally know what people meant when they've said to me, "I didn't leave the Democratic Party, it left me."

I hope this is not so, but I fear the worst.

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