April 26, 2008

"Emasculation" has nothing to do with it

Hoo boy, the drama of Dawn and Jim goes on and on. From the Gleaner:

Both Las Vegas papers ran stories Saturday about how Dawn Gibbons has emasculated her cowardly husband by kicking his sorry ass out of the governor's mansion while she still lives there, even though he's the one who is supposed to be the governor.(Sun, RJ)

Jeebus on a triscuit. He's living in their home in Reno while they work out their marital problems? Huh? Why didn't she move out? After all, Jimbo was the one who was elected (gack!) to live in the mansion, not Dawn, so in effect she's squatting on the taxpayers' dime. Yeah, that's Republican values for ya. The story is bad enough.

Not bad enough for the Gleaner though, who just couldn't control the urge to up the ante by injecting the ever acceptable "castrating and 'batshit crazy' wife who cannot be controlled by her man" meme into the mix. I know that makes for a snarky post in a junior high locker room sort of way, but honestly, did you have to go there Hugh? Nevermind, don't answer that.


The Red Queen said...

I now live in a state where the governor and both senators are vagina-americans. Thanks god.

If this was any other divorce case would we even wonder why the wife was staying in their current home. (Though I am sure there is a large portion of the population that thinks all women are emasculating bitches.)

carissa said...

Oh, you don't know the half of it.
The fact that Dawn is staying in the taxpayer-funded mansion, while the actual governor is sleeping in their Reno home (the one they, not the taxpayers, own) and only comes to the mansion to conduct business, is just another chapter in the drama that is Jim and Dawn Gibbons.

I imagine this is payback for the Chrissy Mazzeo incident (and who knows what else). Though the RJ says she "vehemently defended" him, this picture tells me everything I need to know about how she was feeling privately. Talk about a death grip.

The Red Queen said...

that picture was priceless!