April 28, 2008

Hillary and NAFTA

Yep, I've gone back and forth with friends of mine over this. Let's try one more time.

Contrary to conventional wisdom (def: a lie repeated so many times that people believe it's the truth) Hillary was not a supporter of NAFTA during the early years of Bill's administration. That has been documented by Carl Bernstein in his less than flattering (but not a hit piece) biography of Hillary Clinton and others. Here is more proof. Taylor Marsh quotes author Sally Bedell Smith:

From Sally Bedell Smith's book on the Clintons I excised two short snippets. Now, Ms. Smith is not pro-Clinton. As far as I know she's not anti-Clinton. She also did a tough biography and Jack and Jackie Kennedy's marriage. One thing she does have is access, which produced nuggets that dismantle the Obama team's drivel that Hillary was ever pro NAFTA. Sally Bedell Smith is rough enough on the Clintons in her book that you can take these two sections, which reveal the heart of Hillary's antipathy towards NAFTA, to the bank.

... The economic team and other key advisors, including Mack McLarty, Mickey Kantor, and David Gergen, were likewise urging Bil to use his momentum to push for congressional ratification of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). ...had been negotiated by the Bush administration and was slated to expire if not ratified by January 1, 1994. Liberal Democrats, including Hillary, opposed it primarily because it could take jobs away from American workers. But as an advocate of global economic cooperation, Bill was drawn to its free-trade philosophy. ... ..

For Love of Politics, by Sally Bedell Smith (pg. 117)
And with a quote that my husband will certainly understand:
... ..Another evending, the Jordans arranged a dinner at a restaurant with Paul Allaire, the chairman of Xerox, and his wife, Kay. "Clinton really wanted to talk to Paul about NAFTA, to get the view of business," recalled Kay Allaire. "Hillary made clear that she opposed NAFTA. The President was curious, asking lots of questions, listening carefully. Hillary remained aloof and said little. ..."

For Love of Politics, by Sally Bedell Smith (pg. 120)
"...remained aloof and said little." Been there. Done THAT.

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