April 2, 2008

I am Hillary Clinton

Another blogger joins in the series began by The Red Queen. This time we hear from Kim at Religiarchy.com

When my smart, adorable four year-old daughter looks up at me and I tell her she can be anything she wants to be, I sometimes feel like I'm lying. When I see how Hillary's been treated, I sometimes think maybe my little girl can't grow up to be president.


When you, or I, or the media, or our legislators discount Hillary simply because of her gender, even unwittingly, it diminishes the rights for which so many women have fought for so long. Men who disrespectfully denigrate Hillary also hurt their wives, lovers, sisters, mothers, friends, and daughters. We aren't being the change we seek.

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Just My Thoughts said...

I do not discount Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. I have the utmost respect for the fact that she is a woman and is operating in a world usually dominated by men.
I do however have a problem with the way she has conducted her campaign.
I would like to ask why I disrespect any of the women in my life just because I disagree with Hillary Clinton's politics?
If I disagree with Barak Obama am I then a racist? Just because he is black and I am white?
This seems to be what you are suggesting. I can tell you I am neither a racist nor a hater of women. I just have my own opinions.
To use a term that I hate, the bottom line is that black, white, male or female I will do what I feel is right.
That is my right as an American citizen and no amount of guilt trips will convince me otherwise.
Or should I have said whining?