April 8, 2008

Roolz vs Roolz

Those who wish to disenfranchise the 2.5 million Democrats who came out and voted in their Presidential Primaries in Michigan and Florida keep screaming "but they broke the rules!"

Except the DNC’s own Delegate Selection Rules for the 2008 Democratic National Convention (Section 2.H) also says that the state parties, in states where the election will be on government-run voting machines, are supposed to have a plan for and pursue legislation that would provide all voters with voting machines with verifiable paper trails, preferably optical scan machines. This is what the Florida legislation provided for.

The bill Crist signed also requires a verifiable paper trail for all voting machines throughout Florida. Currently, 15 of Florida's 67 counties use paperless touch-screen voting machines. The remaining counties use optical scan machines where a voter marks a paper ballot with a pencil and it is electronically scanned.
So, you have to ask, which “rule” takes precedence? The primary date or the voting machines with voter verifiable paper trails? As Uppity over at No Quarter remarked:
Basically, Florida chose not to drown so the party gave them a hanging sentence instead.


Just My Thoughts said...

It looks like the RNC chose to penalize for an early primary as well.
It looks like the paper trail issue has nothing to do with the Democratic issue. The DNC set their own rules as pertain to this.
I will say the Republican Gov may have had ulterior motives, especially if he knew about the DNC rule.
My guess is the war party would love to divide us on this. Looks like it's working judging by your response.

carissa said...

Read the whole document. Originally the DNC penalty was the same as the RNCs (strip 1/2 of delegates). It wasn't until months later that they decided to "make a lesson of MI/FL" and strip FL and MI of ALL their delegates.

We've been screaming for paper trails for years and now we finally get them in one of the most problematic states in the union but to YOU penalizing Florida voters for the actons of their legislature is far More Important than giving those same voters voter verifiable paper trails on Election Day. And why? Because you and your candidate fear which candidate seating the Florida and Michigan delegations favors. I am sure that if the shoe were on the other foot you'd be screaming for the delegations to be seated. You know what? So would I. Democracy is democracy. Counting the votes, not gaming the system, or running out the clock, should be our highest ideal. Hillary is willing to submit to a revote and take her chances. Why not Barack?

As I said in this post, I don't care which candidate counting the votes favors. We fought for a month in 2000 over Florida, and remember how disappointed we all were when John Kerry backed down about Ohio in 2004? Was that just a bunch of partisan B.S.? I am beginning to think so. I want to be sure our nominee is seen by all Americans as one who won the nomination by counting ALL the votes. Let the chips fall where they may.

We are divided all right, but it's not just this one issue. (I am still waiting for Obama to come out and denounce what Randi Rhodes said.)