April 18, 2008

Solidarity forever?

SEIU attacks nurses

Just wow.

The photo above came in an email that was forwarded to me by a friend. From the email:

Margie Keenan is one of a number of women RN leaders of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, who in the past few days has been harassed in their homes and on patient care floors in their hospitals by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Keenan later learned that SEIU had first gone to her nursing station at her Long Beach, Calif. hospital demanding a coworker tell them where to find her.
Two days later, SEIU sent 800 purple-clad staff to attack a conference of labor activists in Michigan because CNA/NNOC Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro was scheduled to speak, and other CNA/NNOC RN women leaders were speaking on panels.

Seven buses of 800 SEIU staff arrived outside the hall, rushed the doors and crashed through, and attacked union members in the hallway in their hurry to get to Ms. DeMoro and the other women leaders.

. . .

One woman, a recently retired member of United Auto Workers, Dianne Feeley, suffered a head wound after being knocked to the ground by SEIU International staff and local members, conference organizers report. Many others were physically assaulted. Read the press release from the conference sponsors, Labor Notes magazine.Meanwhile, the attacks on CNA/NNOC board members were continuing.

Debbie Cuaresma, a Los Angeles RN, had to face SEIUers who came to her home and began shouting at her and her daughter. "I am appalled that five bullies would come to my house with cameras and hurl abuse at my daughter. I believe this to be nothing less than a violation of my family's privacy."

Janice Webb, RN, reports that when she arrived for her shift at a San Diego hospital and "the night shift charge said that someone from SEIU was calling the unit asking for my phone number and address. I am unclear as to how many times they called." . . . .

Together these actions reveal an unmistakable pattern of violence and specific targeting of women and nurses that is reprehensible and should have no place in America.These acts of threats, intimidation, and harassment are disgraceful enough. But when they come from a union that claims it wants to represent RNs, it is especially deplorable.

From the CNA web site.

What's At Stake?

Tell SEIU President Andy Stern to Stop The Violent Harassment of Nurses!

Registered Nurses Beware...
The Service Employees union’s threat to RN patient advocacy and democratic rights

In response to the growing national movement for ratios and greater RN power at the bedside and the public arena, the hospital industry is fighting back. They found a willing ally in the Service Employees International Union. SEIU is a non-RN union — only 2% of their members are RNs — for a reason: registered nurses know SEIU cannot be counted on to protect RN professional practice.

They negotiate deals with employers solely to gain new members, and in exchange they lobby against legislative reforms that would protect patients and accept contracts that weaken RN standards. (much more at link and a petition as well)

I wonder what Obama thinks about the union that endorsed him engaging in this sort of thuggery? And NO, I am NOT blaming this behavior on Obama. I am just wondering how he can be silent about it. Just like he was silent about Randi Rhodes calling Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro whores, he seems to have a problem with any kind of Sister Souljah moments, doesn't he?

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