April 3, 2008

Trying to have the conversation, Part II

I started to post my reply in the comments, but it got rather long, so I am moving it to the front page. Just My Thoughts comments on the post below saying, in part:

I would like to ask why I disrespect any of the women in my life just because I disagree with Hillary Clinton's politics?
If I disagree with Barak Obama am I then a racist? Just because he is black and I am white?
This seems to be what you are suggesting. I can tell you I am neither a racist nor a hater of women. I just have my own opinions.
Um, I am quoting someone else's post, so you may want to go ask HER the questions you posed to me.

However, this poster said nothing about "disrespect(ing) any of the women in" (your) "life just because" (you) "disagree with Hillary Clinton's politics."

What she said was that when anyone discounts Hillary "simply because of her gender" it hurts all women. And it hurts men as well, as my other post yesterday points out.

Having policy differences is perfectly acceptable. I have them with Barack, and I am no racist. And you will note, any disagreements I have with him have never rested upon his skin color, but what I perceive to be the content of his character, his experience, his platform, etc. That you are doing the same for Hillary does not upset me in the least. So please don't accuse me of calling you a sexist for that.

What many of us are attempting to talk about is a much larger picture regarding sexism within our culture that is so internalized and accepted (by men and women), that whenever we bring up the subject more often than not we get reactions like yours, even from those closest to us, that either tell us we are taking it too personally or accusing us of labeling you all "women haters." For me, this is frustrating as hell, for all it does is serve to shut down the conversation. And where does that leave us?

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