April 3, 2008

What if it were winner take all?

Rasmussen Report asks:

We have to wonder, what would the race look like if the Democrats used the same "winner-take-all" system used in the Republican Party?
Hillary would be winning.
If the Democrats were to allot their current state delegate totals in a winner-take-all format, Clinton would actually have a significant delegate advantage. Despite having won only 14 recognized contests to Obama's 30, Clinton would currently have a 120 (1738 to 1618) total delegate lead and a remarkable 167 (1427 to 1260) pledged delegate lead. These numbers give Texas' "prima-caucus" delegates to Clinton and do not include Florida, Michigan or the 693 total delegates and 566 pledged delegates still to be won in the next few months.
Something to chew on.

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