May 23, 2008

Leave you alone for a few hours...

Dang! I'm only offline for a few hours and all hell is breaking loose over the fact that Hillary spoke of RFK still campaigning in June? That Keith Obamamann is going to give another of his once-inspiring-but-now-too-full-of-himself-and-then-some "Special Comment" taking Hillary to task for a factual statement?

Riverdaughter discusses it:

The reaction of the Obamasphere and the media is totally indefensible. The HuffingtonPost is taking a very matter-of-fact discussion of primary history and twisting it into a vile insinuation that Hillary can’t wait until someone takes Obama out. It is time they stopped behaving like the Orwellians during a two minutes hate.

Read this post too. Riverdaughter quotes ghostlegpress who says:
1968 was a terrible time, but it was also a time of great hope. Those of us who came of age politically in that time will never forget that the primary season began in February and ran thrrough June.

Anyone who believes Hillary doesn’t have that time emblazoned on her memory just doesn’t know American history. They can twist her comments as much as they want - but for anyone over 50, a primary that extends into June isn’t an anomaly. A primary in June will always evoke RFK for me. Not because of the horror of its end - but because that was the last time I had real hope fo this country.

The current outrage disgusts me more than I can express. It’s not Hillary who sullies the process. Lying spinmeisters who’d use the assassination of one of this century’s greatest men to score cheap points are the ones who should be ashamed.
I was twelve years old in 1968. It is so hard to describe what those years were like to those who did not experience them. Years later I was driving with my then twelve-year-old daughter when "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair)" came on the radio. I started to cry and I said to my daughter, "You know, we really did believe in all that peace and love stuff."

It really was a time of great hope for the younger generation. Amidst the horrors of Viet Nam, the assassinations of MLK and RFK, and all the unrest, we still had hope that we could make change, and in many ways we had some successes, which makes the current backwards march of our country all that much harder to bear. When Hillary choked up in New Hampshire, I knew exactly what she was talking about.

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Susan said...

Olbermann's rant was nothing more than hate speech, hate speech founded on lies. Clinton didn't imply anything about Obama; she was talking about the extended primaries.

Of course we who saw and heard Clinton's remarks on the Argus Leader know this, but leave it to the media to lie about it.

Not even the Argus Leader's executive editor or RFK Jr. can rectify this hogwash.

Mike said...

Here's my comments on all this
from mysilverstate:

"local Obama folks....... (0.00 / 0)

Local and regional Clinton bloggers seem to feel that
we (Obama supporters) are saying She wishes something
bad on Obama. No. Not even close. I see BlueLyon
referencing some Huffington Post article that she says
twist things that way. Well, I'm tired of all the
screamers, no matter what side of the fence they're on.
And, Keith needed some valium last night, imo.
My only major complaint, besides the obvious disrespect
being shown constantly towards the Dem nominee, is that
Hillary didn't apologize to Barack, Michelle, and Malia.
(Didn't include Sasha because she's probably unaware of
all this psychodrama.)"

So, that's really the only thing
Hillary Clinton should do: apologize to the Obama family also.

At some point, all this name calling and everything (which includes disrespect towards Obama and many of his supporters, who don't fit the disrespectful names handed out on a daily basis at many of these blogs) has to stop.

I became a non-partisan on January 23rd, btw.

Mike said...

AGUADILLA, Puerto Rico (Reuters) - Democratic presidential front-
runner Barack Obama empathized with rival Hillary Clinton on Saturday
for the firestorm she ignited by referring to the 1968 assassination
of Robert Kennedy.

"I have learned that when you are campaigning for as many months as
Senator Clinton and I have been campaigning, sometimes you get
careless in terms of the statements that you make and I think that is
what happened here," Obama said in an interview with Radio Isla Puerto
Rico during a campaign visit to the Caribbean Island and U.S. territory.

carissa said...

Mike, if, as you say, you realize that she doesn't mean anything bad to happen to Obama, why in the world would she need to apologize to him and his family? We all know she was talking about primaries extending into June and had been asked why everyone seemed to be in such a big hurry to end this one, she touched on two primaries that stuck out to her. So again, why does she need to apologize to Obama? Does she have to apologize to him for everything she says? For even existing?

And Obama's comments were not a "forgiving" moment. He called her careless. Why didn't he just say, "I took no offense and it is clear to me that she was speaking of primary length and had no intention of hurting anyone or implying any ill will." No. Instead he called her careless. Way to go Barack.

Mike said...

Imagine this: Malia Obama sitting
watching Tv and seeing the reference to a Presidential candidate being assassinated in June. Think about it.

She (and her younger sister) upon learning of the "Obama Girl" video: "Mommy, you're still Daddy's girl, right?"

Of course it was a careless remark, especially when brought up in the context of explaining why she was still in the race.

There's no more reason to talk about this, imo.

Mike said...

Taylor Marsh:

"Clinton's statement today reveals our collective fatigue and was unbelievably unfortunate. Looking at her make her statement of regret you can see her pain and that she is devastated by what she said, which is clear in the statement below from the Clinton camp."

I don't see this as much different than Obama's characterization.

Mike said...

Off topic:

You can vote for Jill Derby right now online at:

I know your in Hawaii right now, and focusing there, but I wanted to promote the above "campaign" to get Wesley Clark to help Jill Derby in CD2 (over Dina T down south, where there's a more Democratic friendly district).

The Red Queen said...


Should we take this to mean that when Obama said that bitter people cling to god and guns he was saying that they should assassinate Hillary?

No? Really? You mean I shouldn't take something out of context and construe it to mean a candidate is making assassination dog whistles?

Then Hillary shouldn't have to apologize for bringing up RFK in a historical context either.

PS- you're "what about the children" whine is sooooooooo fucking transparent.

Mike said...

Actually, Red Queen, it's right
on the mark. Whatever, on the
transparent remark.

She was talking about her staying
in the race, and referenced Bobby's killing.

I don't even understand your first
paragraph. I am pretty concrete
(not too abstract) and don't see
the connection between the two elements raised in that paragraph
(i.e. the bitter comment and that meaning people should kill HRC).

Susan said...

With all due respect, Taylor Marsh really dropped the ball on this thing.

Clinton had nothing to apologize for. I saw the entire video; I have it on my blog. She was talking about not only 1992 and 1968, she also made reference to 1980, 1984, and 1988 in another part of the interview.

Obama had nothing to do with this. Stop the garbage that he is the second coming of RFK.

Mike said...

Hmmm....Apparently this episode
put my Hillary defending (but Obama supporting) mother in a rage.
She's very upset HRC brought that up. I told her it was not really any big deal in the end. She insisted that HRC's remarks put Barack at risk. I reminded her of all the security precautions (pretty awesome!) surrounding him.

They have a recommendation in the Zen traditions: "empty your cup".
I do that almost every moment!
Really does relieve one of unnecessary and self-inflicted suffering!

Obama the second coming of RFK (or, JFK)???? I tell people all the time that he's none of that.
Barack Obama is Barack Obama, clearly. The guy is actually quite normal and ordinary. I (and many others) do feel affection for him, but do NOT look upon him as
some sort of Savior and Messiah.
I figured I had about ten hours
of close up exposure to him this past year (including two hours in a private setting). I feel very
confident in his capabilities to lead our nation.