May 31, 2008

My email to the DNC

Sent just a few minutes ago...

I am appalled at the ruling by the Rules and Bylaws Committee today in which both the Florida and Michigan delegations were regulated to ½ vote status (gosh, the US Constitution at least gave blacks 3/5 status), and unearned and uncommitted votes were awarded to a candidate in direct violation of the Democratic Party charter and delegate selection rules, not to mention the fact that said candidate voluntarily walked away from the election and therefore forfeited any right to receive any delegates. To make matters worse, the RBC stole the legitimately earned votes of one candidate and awarded them to the candidate that chose to remove his name from the ballot.

To think that the party I’ve stood by for 35 years really didn’t mean it when it comes to voting rights makes my blood run cold. I can no longer continue in good conscience as a Democrat and will be re-registering as an Independent at the county clerk’s office this week.

In addition, I would like every penny back from the Democratic National Committee that I have donated over the past years. I will be reviewing my back accounts, and I hope you will be doing the same thing so that we can expedite my refund.
If by some miracle Hillary gets the nomination, I can support her as an independent. But I'm done with the Party.


The Red Queen said...

I hear ya. Unless Hillary can win the nom and purge the party of this sort of crappy, anti-democratic, nonsensical faction, I am no longer a Dem.

Go Hillary or Go Green!

Lynne Black said...

What would you have considered fair? Those two states broke the rules, if there were not sanctions, then what would prevent states from holding primaries in November or December?
I understand that you are disappointed and wanted a better result for Hillary, but do you really want Mc Cain to be president? Now is the time to pull together, not tear the party apart.

carissa said...

Did the voters of the states break the rules? No, they did not. Their respective state legislatures did. However, the elections were fair and certified by each state. Revotes were offered. Obama refused them.

Is it fair to take votes from Hillary that she won and award them to Barack Obama who chose to remove his name from the ballot even though there was no requirement that he do so? My name wasn't on the ballot either. Can I get some of Hillary's votes too?

This post lays out what would have been a fair decision. Shorter version: respect the will of the voters.

Like Harold Ickes said today, you don't start down the road to unity by hijacking votes.

Do I want McCain to be president? No. But I don't want Obama to be president either. He neither deserves it nor has the experience. He cannot accept responsibility for anything and I have yet to hear him condemn either Wright or Phleger for the despicable things BOTH of them said about Hillary Clinton from the pulpit of TUCC. Barack can start riding his Unity Pony™ right there.

Susan said...

Switching party registration is rather a chicken's way out. After all, one can't vote in the primaries for any candidate but in non-partisan races. You have basically ceded your right to choose the best candidate in downticket races.

This isn't constructive. Besides, let the DNC bigwigs shoot themselves in the ass with this ridiculous ruling. Clinton will take this to the convention.

The only explanation for their action, other than threats of rioting in Denver by the Obama mob, is the party is deliberately throwing the election to McCain in preparation for 2012.

Mike said...

Carissa, you did NOT see (obviously) Obama's press conference yesterday. He got very personal in stating his feelings
about that whacko Father's remarks
(mocking, despicable and a very other words he used).
I sincerely think you are not seeing Obama clearly and his gentlemanly ways. When he's fallen, and he has, he has on occassion brought up past things where he later felt shame. For example, he expressed shame for bringing up HRC's WalMart board membership (in that NC debate).

SOME of HRC's supporters have shown disrespect in countless ways. YEsterday was awful in that regards. I have to respect Alice Huffman and Don Fowler for trying to counter the rude and nasty and inexcusable behavior we saw yesterday.

And, I haven't forgot the abuse I suffered on Caucus Day. Completely inexcusable (but it did cause some HRC supporters to apologize, so I certainly don't lump everyone together).

Just imagine how some of us may feel seeing red queen's little blurb about kool aid drinkers and
Obamazoids. Especially someone like me, involved for years in helping people leave cults and adjust in the followup period.

texex said...

If you're a woman, you better read this before you go supporting McBush.

Belive me, if there were an alternative to the Democratic Party, I would join it in a heartbeat. But we have to let this thing play itself out before doing anything rash and absolutely self-destructive.

Cathylee said...

I'm stunned. Thoroughly, appallingly, stunned. The Michigan decision is beyond unjust, and reminiscent of what the Republicans did in Florida and Ohio. Evidently, voter disenfranchisement is to become commonplace, engaged in equally by both parties. What I find even more repugnant, if possible, is democrats who justify it. Seizing uncommitted votes and arbitrarily giving them to the candidate backed by party leaders is simply wrong, by any measure. And those who would rationalize such biased, slimy behavior by individuals we look to lead our party are relegating themselves to the same heap of crawly things on the ground. McCain is not the big bad monster here--it is, instead, the loss of honor, integrity, and an adherence to what is right that is the monster we must now fear.

Mike said...

I think being a non-partisan is
a great alternative to being a
member of any party. It's been "head clearing" for me anyway.

Michigan should consider itself lucky it even got delegates seated period. They should have been penalized much more, imo. Florida Dems didn't have a choice.
Michigan Dem leaders, under the direction of Granholm, were selfish and greedy. Those are facts. In fact, I completely agree with HRC's judgement on this:
"Michigan doesn't count." Period.

The Red Queen said...

Switching parties is the chicken's way out? Seriously? Are you FITH or what?

I believe in the will of the people. And I believe that when your party no longer cares about the will of the people- the people are more important than the party. I side with the disenfranchised voters in both states who did not cause this mess but are being punished for it. When your party fails and all attempts at rehabing it are thwarted by those in power- you take the one thing you have left - your vote- and go elsewhere.

Cathylee said...

If I may the vote comes in from Puerto Rico, two things once again become crystal clear:
First, whenever voters have been allowed to VOTE (that time-honored method of choosing our representatives) they have chosen Hillary Clinton, often by wide margins. When voters have become pawns to be herded and pushed through a caucus process, Barack Obama has won the day.
Second, we will spend the day (those of us with the stomach for it) listening to 'our' media and 'our' pundits and 'our' party leaders burnishing and enhancing Senator Obama's image in the face of yet another trouncing by voters.

Greenconsciousness said...

We are all done with it - we have been going along as these rich men nominated their own kind for so long ---,the arrogant know it alls whose claim to fame was their acceptance at Harvard or Yale and whose lack of accomplishment for the US citizens was astounding.

We did the work for nothing in return, holding our noses and voting. Now we see exactly how stupid they are and what exactly they think and feel about strong, powerful women. We see the women we used to think of as feminist are really identified with males. We see that our so called feminist organizations are just businesses. Let's leave them and the corporate democratic party to the left of center wealthy elites and their investment bankers.

I am asking Hillary and Bill to form the first successfully
3rd party for Center Democrats, the working class and women. Hillary in 2012!