May 16, 2008

Nevada State Convention, Pre-Game

Well gang, I'll be heading off to Reno later today for the Nevada State Democratic Convention where I will be proudly supporting Hillary Clinton. I've spent the morning printing flyers for my bid for National Delegate At-Large for CD2. According to the Delegate Selection Plan, this is my only chance to be elected delegate as my congressional district was broken up by regions and the rural region was only awarded one delegate which is a man. CD2 has two at-large slots open: 1 man, 1 woman, so as a rural woman and very low on the PLEO totem pole, this is my only chance.

I'll be busy wearing many hats at the convention. I will be a Floor Captain for Hillary. I will be giving a five-minute report on Sunday for the Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus for which I serve as Chair. I'll be trying to drop into every reception and event that I can, and doing my part as a member of the state party executive board to make sure this convention comes off with minimal heartburn.

Anyhoo, I'll try and check in and give you all updates, but I've been to this rodeo before, and knowing how it is I'll be lucky to find time to pee, let alone blog. But I'll take my laptop and try to keep you all informed.

PS - Word on the street is that the Big Dawg will be the surrogate for Hillary at the convention. Woohoo!

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The Red Queen said...

updates! we want updates