May 18, 2008

Nevada State Democratic Convention - Post-Game

This is going to be brief as it's our anniversary and with all the running around I did this weekend Sweetie didn't see a whole lot of me. He was so there when I needed him this weekend. He's my rock and what keeps me tethered to this earth.

Here's my post-game.

Well, it's over. Unlike the Nevada Republican Party, at least we completed ours and didn't end in total chaos.

Obama got his people out and then some, so he gained a delegate not previously his. There was some contentious moments, but the entire process felt to a great many delegates as though they were expected to rubber-stamp everything. I heard from many (Clinton and Obama delegates alike) that this isn't what they thought it would be like.

There were issues with the Clinton delegates from Clark County (Vegas) whose bus magically disappeared and a plane had to be chartered a the last minute to get them to Reno. I was in the Floor Captain room when they all came streaming in at 9am (when the convention was supposed to convene).

The alternates were left waiting to be seated until after the final credentials report and therefore did not cast any presidential preference vote. Would this have changed the outcome? I'm told no, but no one really knows.

The at-large delegate slots were split 3 and 3. In my district the Clinton at-large delegate went to a man and the Obama delegate went to a woman. Instead of the at-large delegates being chosen by preferences groups and submitted to the delegation for ratification, the campaigns chose their at-large delegates behind closed doors, didn't explain to us how these delegates fit in with the affirmative action and cultural diversity guidelines of the delegate selection plan. By the time we even got to that party of the convention it was well after 10 p.m. and we were told that the campaigns would give us the list and we could approve the list and be able to leave for the night or we could refuse to approve the list and send it back to the campaigns to come up with another list, thus extending our night even longer. I'd call that extortion, not an election.

Peeps, I am discouraged today.

We have a trip planned to go to Hawaii next Friday. Perhaps the sun and salt will do me good. They usually do.


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess we are even then. I was wearing a button that said "Women for Obama" and a couple of your team came over and accused me of betraying my gender.

I don't vote with my vagina and I don't vote for people who got us in to the Iraq war. Unlike you, I have sons.

carissa said...

And I agree with you. That sort of comment is wrong. I didn't vote with my vagina and I am sure you didn't either. Clinton started out as my last choice, and she moved up as I examined all the candidates.

Women are dying in Iraq too. It matters to me that Clinton voted for AUMF, and it also matters to me that many supporting your candidate did the same. I'd call it even on that score. It's just not my only factor when making my decision.

For me now, I have to look at who I think is best able to extricate us from that mess. Of the three left standing, I think it's Hillary Clinton. You think otherwise. That's what this whole process is about.