May 18, 2008

Reflections on the convention

Before I toddle off to bed...some thoughts

Bill Clinton - he spoke as Hillary's surrogate but he barely mentioned her name. Instead he spoke to us as Democrats. He spoke of the things that unite us and called on our better angels. He had us all on our feet and he struck just the right note. It was awesome. See Anjeanette's live blog on his speech. In this post she mentions how the Obama supporters chanted over Clinton's speech. The rest of us were appalled and so embarrassed by their behavior. You don't have to like him, but as a former United States President (from your own effing party, no less), heckling just Is Not Done. Especially when the candidate you support is all about "unity."

Kal Penn - surrogate for Barack Obama. Talked about how inspired he was by Barack, but when he called him a "statesman" I just had to leave or heave. I don't think he knows what that word means.

An interesting moment - while waiting for the convention to reconvene, we sat in on the final round of CD3's district level election process when the top four vote getters from the first round got to speak for 2 minutes as to why they deserved to go to Denver. We missed the Clinton candidates, but we caught the Obama candidates and most of them were well-spoken for their cause. But one white woman said, "When the three Black women picked me up, I didn't know what to expect." From the back section we all did a "whaaa?" then looked at each other and then cringed. "I think she just lost her bid," I said. I mean really...say what? Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought to refer to the people who gave me a ride ANYWHERE by their physical appearance...I mean, whaaa? Didn't she bother to learn their names in the 7-8 hour car ride from Las Vegas?

Announcement of the delegates elected from each Congressional District: According to the Delegate Selection Plan CD1 and CD3 voted together as a whole, but my district, CD2 was sub-divided into three geographical regions. There is history behind this decision, but suffice it to say, CD2-Clark received one male and one female delegate, CD2-Washoe (Reno area) received 2 females and 1 male delegate, and the rest of the fifteen Nevada counties that make up CD2-Rural received 1 male delegate. This delegate was awarded to Obama.

When the delegates were announced by the convention chair, when he got to CD2-Rural he said, "Obama: Lance Whitney. Clinton: Sorry!" Excuse me??? If he even had to say anything all he had to do was say, "According to the Delegate Selection Plan only one delegate was allotted to CD2-Rural." (By the way, if I am still around when they start putting together the DSP for 2012, I will fight any subdivision of any CD with all my strength - this ruling effectively shut out any rural woman, Clinton or Obama, from going to Denver.

The people - I got to see old friends I've not seen in months, and got to make some new friends too. I spoke to lots of delegates from all over Nevada, including Obama delegates in my quest for CD2 at-large (little did I know how the process was actually going to go) and I think it was worthwhile for all of us.

My rural peeps - Love'em. That is all.


texex said...

Carissa, although I am an Obama supporter I am pretty sickened with what went on in Reno.

Reid said the "Republican Party lacks soul, heart and head" which may be true. But after the events of last weekend, I have to question the very same about the Dems; or at least Nevada Dems.

Was the "soul, heart, and head" of Dems on parade or was it just mob rule shouting down the opposition? As you stated over on DB, a lot of "both newbies and old-timers" came away disillusioned from both the process and the results of the convention.

Somewhere along the line the Democratic Party that I've known for 40+ years changed from the party of inclusion to the party of mob rule and eltism. Or perhaps I was the one that had the wrong illusion in the first place and Reno is really the black heart, dark soul, and ugly head of the Democratic Party.

I guess it matters little except it seems that when the party picks up a new zealot, it can only be included by cannabalizing an old one. Last weekend was your (and many others) turn so let me welcome you to the garbage heap of the Democratic party.

If, in your travels, you ever find an "orthodox" wing of the Democratic party, please let me know. Or maybe we should start our own with all those disillusioned out there as a base. It seems pretty clear we're getting nowhere trying to work inside the party structure.

Cathylee said...

Well said, Texex. I was stunned, simply stunned, when Obama supporters chanted his name WHILE a former president of the United States spoke. I walked through the throng of Obama signs and t-shirts and looked at the faces of the chanting people, shocked to see ugly expressions of zealous advocacy that obliterated common courtesy and decency. This was a president of our country for eight years. I cannot conceive of treating even George W. Bush, who has mortally wounded so much we hold dear, in a similar, unconscionably rude fashion. Who are these people?