May 18, 2008

Rural Women shut out at NSDP convention

Shame on the Obama campaign for appointing a Reno woman as their CD-2 female at-large delegate to the national convention and ignoring the army of rural women who worked on his behalf. This was their opportunity to address the inequity of the Delegate Selection Plan and they punted.


Zeke said...

The rurals make up 1/6 of the population of CD2.
So you are suggesting that the rurals should have been entitled to 1/4 of the National Delegates from the CD?
What am I missing?
The Clinton and Obama teams worked together to figure out those At-Large names, not just Obama.
We don't need anymore fake issues. Stop it.

carissa said...

Sure, tell that to every rural Democratic woman that has worked their heart and soul out for the Democratic party for years, and for their chosen candidates this cycle. CD1 and CD3 were not split up. CD2 was. And to tell all the Democratic women in 15 counties in Nevada that they had NO CHANCE of being a National Delegate was a crime.

If CD2 had not been split up, there would have been 3 men and 3 women from the DISTRICT who would have had a shot at Denver.

This is not a fake issue.

carissa said...

Another thing. I talked to a LOT of Clinton and Obama supporters from CD1 and CD3 this weekend who had no idea that CD2 had been split up. All of them thought it was shocking.

Cathylee said...

Zeke says the Clinton and Obama camps worked together to figure out the delegates. This is a good thing? What happened to the democratic process? Why could we not vote for our at-large delegates? I marvel, too, that Zeke so blithely disenfranchises ALL the women in 15 counties. Let me repeat that, 15 COUNTIES. Out of 17 in the state. Splitting CD2 was certainly an issue; it's resultant unfairness is quite real, hardly a fake.

Susan said...

Carissa, why WAS District 2 split up into thirds? It makes no sense to me.

carissa said...

To those of out here in the rurals, it felt like what it always has felt like, that we don't count to the state party. It also felt to me like a way to minimize the joint power of any area outside of Clark County. What it effectively did was minimize any possible consolidation of power outside the Clark County power base.

I am sure the Powers That Be will say the decision to divide the CD was because of the large geographic area so how could we possibly know who all deserving Democrats are in CD2? That's a disingenuous argument since we rural Dems associate often with each other and the Democrats in Washoe County. We know each other pretty well.

And even if we didn't that wouldn't have mattered at the convention where we had a convention full of people who didn't know each other but managed to come together in one room and elect their delegates (at least in CD1 and CD3). Why was CD2 denied the opportunity to do the same? And I wonder how the delegate count in the district would have shaken out if all the CD2 presidential preference votes had been counted as a whole? I wonder if anything would have changed?

Anonymous said...

The rural woman I would have preferred to see is Nora Hatfield. She is no full of rage and bitterness and she's diplomatic. Too bad she didn't get considered.

carissa said...

Absolutely! Nora is a wonderful woman. That's my point. I could think of dozens of very deserving rural woman who have given so much time and treasure to the Democratic Party that deserved to go to Denver. That's why I was so disappointed at the choice the Obama campaign made and the NSDP when selecting the rural rep elector.