May 3, 2008

Saturday Snippets

I've got a house sorely in need of some attention, a co-worker's baby shower this afternoon, and other stuff to do, so I won't be online much until this evening. In the meantime, a couple of good reads for ya:

Blogs and Opinion...

Paul Krugman on the Party of Denial.

Rather than admit that pollution is a problem the government has to solve — even as the consequences of acid rain became ever more alarming, not to mention as America’s failure to act provoked a near-crisis in relations with Canada, which was suffering the effects of U.S.-generated sulfur dioxide — the Reaganites insisted that there was no problem at all. They denied the evidence, questioned the science, called for more research and did nothing. Sound familiar?

And that, surely, is the line the Democrats should be pushing in this election: Republicans have become the party of denial. If a problem can’t be solved with deregulation and tax cuts, they pretend it doesn’t exist.
Eriposte on Hillary, the media and the "progressive" blogosphere in It's No Mystery
People much younger than her would probably collapse if they tried to do what she has been doing in this campaign. Let me admit, I doubt that I would have been able to keep up with her either. She just works extremely hard day in and day out. Second, I also believe she is often forced to do this. Not necessarily because of this particular campaign but because when you are a public figure that an important chunk of the traditional media and "progressive" blogosphere hates irrationally and lies pathologically about, often the only way to bypass the filter - the distortions, the lies and the lying liars that tell them - is to go meet voters where they live and give them a chance to see/hear you directly and make up their mind independently. When average people, fed on the Limbaugh or Olbermann or Americablog or [...] diet, see the real Hillary Clinton it is often so diametrically opposite to the hateful, fraudulent or frivolous caricature of her that they have been exposed to, that it can and does surprise many people - and usually in a positive way.
The Red Queen on How Barack Fails The Working Class.
Since Bush took office, my income has decreased by 30% every year until it hit half the poverty level. And I've been stuck there since. That is 7.5 years of poverty. That more than half my kid's life.

We trust Hillary not just because we remember Bill, but because we know she actually thinks about our plight. We know that she has the big wonkish brain to find solutions that actually help us.

Hope and change are lovely ideas, but we can't feed our kids hope and change. We can't pay for college with hope and change. We can't by food on hope and change credit. We want solutions. We want to count. We want our kids to have a shot at the American dream, though for the last 8 years it's become obvious that we are the new feudal class. Our Lord and Employer may change, but there is no way for us to improve our lot anymore.
Egalia over at Tennessee Guerilla Women takes a 'gander' at the top 50 media pundits and muses about Media Bias: Why Media Pundits Prefer Obama to Hillary. [Blue Lyon note: Of the list of Top 50, only 7 are women, and not one of them is friendly toward Hillary.]

I can't say enough good things about the analysis that Anglachel brings to the blogosphere. If you haven't already checked her out, just do it already.

If you haven't watched the Bill O'Reilly interview with Hillary Clinton, do it. She's a master, and her willingness to walk into the lion's den over and over and over again, shows me she's got what it takes to stand up to all enemies, foreign AND domestic. [On an aside, the corporate VP stopped by my office yesterday to ask me how the nomination was going to turn out. This isn't the first time she's asked me, but she pretty much keeps to herself on stuff like this. I told her I thought Hillary was going to pull it off. She said to me, "She was really impressive on the Bill O'Reilly interview."] Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

In other news...

This is ominous. China Issues Nationwide Alert After Virus Kills 23 Children (VOA)

There's no political love from me toward Jim and Dawn Gibbons, but, having gone through a divorce myself, and knowing the toll it can take, I wish them the best possible resolution without too much fallout for the kids. (RGJ)

Rationality Fix...

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe



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The Red Queen said...

Awe, you blogwhored me.

And I have yet another post about the working class up (totally inspired by Anglachel. Damn she's awesome)

How are you doing?

carissa said...

Doing pretty good. The house took longer than I thought and I never made it to the baby shower. But the love nest is looking better. Some gardens need tending more than others, if you know what I mean.

On pins and needles for Tuesday!

The Red Queen said...

I'm chewing on my nails for Tuesday and totally avoiding housecleaning (though there is something scary growing in the kitchen sink).

I've spent today reading, writing and watching sci fi on the computer. Saturday laziness rocks.