May 4, 2008


I've been slowly but surely souring on The Nation, but I just opened the April 28th issue to see this.

My aunt died of Alzheimers. You know what? I don't give a shit what anyone thinks of another's politics. Dancing on that person's grave is such a tasteless manner is beyond the pale. Between that cartoon and this article linked by The Red Queen, I threw up my hands and canceled my subscription today. Believe me, it's not just those two bits. It's been building for awhile.

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The Red Queen said...

From a new post at my place- if Hillary is to blame for everything Bill has ever said or done- do we get to blame Obama when Michelle makes stupid misogynistic comments about Hillary?

I mean the Nation says the Hillary is responsible for Bill, so fair is fair, right?

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Over from RQ's site - her post is very provactive and worth the read.

carissa said...

Oh I know! I have such a girl crush on her! I hang out, even if I don't comment on everything.