June 8, 2008

The Age of Aquarius?

“When the moon is in the seventh house,

And Jupiter aligns with Mars,

Then peace will guide the planets…”

Everyone! Sing it with me!

Remember how Bush-bots were just rapturous about W, and how they were sure that GOD had put him in the White House? Remember how appalled we all were? Well, welcome to the Age of Enlightenment folks. Seriously, WTF?

1 comment:

Mike said...

This "enlightened" agent meme
is not really a surprise, given
how widespread the New Age mind set is.

I've had darshan with so called enlightened Gurus and I've also had about 10 hours of Obama "darshan".

Two different worlds, so to speak.

Basicly, promoting an idealistic picture of Obama is not helpful.
And, none of it accurate. He's pretty damn ordinary and normal, if you ask me. Got lots of affection for him, though. Won't deny that.