June 14, 2008

Average Nevadans

Desert Beacon is awesome. DB is THE Nevada blog for pointing a laser beam at how national policies affect average Nevadans. Her research is impeccable. This post is just another example.

Today there was more uncomfortable news for average wage earning Nevadans who are already having trouble meeting average expenditures. Wall Street may be happy with today’s Labor Department announcement saying the core Consumer Price Index edged up only 0.2%, which is nice, but that figure excludes “volatile food and energy costs” thus meaning that those people in the country to choose not to move anywhere for any reason, and who can manage not to eat for a month, faced only mild inflation. The rest of us? – not so much. For the remainder of us folk who drive motorized vehicles and eat food, the CPI was up a steep 0.6%.
Go. Read it all.

I work in Reno. I have to. There are no good paying jobs in Lyon County. It's just a fact. The days of cheap gas are gone, and so are seeing Fernley, Dayton and Silver Springs as mere bedroom communities of Reno. County Commissioners, are you listening? Better yet, Lyon County residents, can you see this as well? We are either going to have to face the music and really develop a plan that will allow this county to self-sustain, or we are going to dry up and blow away.

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