June 11, 2008

I don't know how I missed this

Riverdaughter extends An Invitation to Democrats in Exile

Welcome all you newly “unaffiliated” voters! If you’re like me, you realized sometime in the last couple of months that you are part of the “old coalition” of the Democratic party. But you’re not cool enough to be courted by the “new coalition” because you’re working class, gay, hispanic, asian, a woman, old or a brilliant combination of an *uneducated* working class, sino-peruvian lesbian. And you said, “Um, that’s not really who I am” Actually, that’s NOT who I am, except for the woman part. (Lemme check *peeking down shirt* Yep, I’m a woman)


Now that I am “unaffiliated”, I’m like one of those really attractive singles on hot dating sites. Obama is going to want my vote big time. When I was just a Democrat, I was completely unsexy. But I have shed that old skin, sort of like dermal abrasion, and I’m brand sparkling new and beautiful and so much smarter than I was just a few minutes ago.
Me too! I just sent in my Change of Registration form to the County Clerk yesterday. I am now one of those "swing voters" the Democratic Party lusts after while ignoring its base. Funny, the Republican Party doesn't make that same mistake. And which party has won 7 of the last 10 Presidential elections?

I'm not holding my breath for Obama to come a'courtin' though. He's too busy wooing the right-wing evangelicals to have anything to do with us wimmin just yet. Hmmm...what's he going to be promising them that he can't promise me?

Is he ever going to ask for my vote?


Anonymous said...

No, he will not ask for our vote (and I am not even a woman). He clearly calculates that his based: AA and Whole Food nation plus many indifferent women, McCain-scared uneducated, independents and even crazier than normal right wingers will be enough to win.

Cathylee said...

Well, his camp just asked for my vote. And since the woman warned me the call might be recorded, I said I hoped it would and then gave her both barrels. Even after that, she ventured to ask for whom I would vote, to which I replied that Obama hadn't earned the right to ask me that.