June 9, 2008

Not sure what to make of this

Obama, Elizabeth Edwards to Partner on Healthcare?

ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: At the first event on his "Change That Works for You" tour, presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama was joined by John and Elizabeth Edwards, making known for the first time that he'll enlist Elizabeth Edwards' help in health care policy.

Thirty minutes into his speech, Obama interrupted his prepared remarks and pointed to the wife of his former Democratic rival to declare his intention of her role.

"I'm going to be partnering up with Elizabeth Edwards - we're going to be figuring all this out," Obama said when addressing his proposed reform to the health care system.
Everyone knows that UHC is Hillary Clinton's signature issue. So what does it say that Barack Obama plans on on partnering with Elizabeth Edwards on healthcare? I adore Elizabeth and think she would be fantastic, but this feels like another snub by the Obama camp. Furthermore, what does this mean? The article goes on to say:

Mrs. Edwards has stated in the past that she supported Senator Hillary Clinton's health care plan because it mandated people to have health insurance – a requirement that Senator Obama's plan does not include.
So, is Obama coming over to the Edwards/Clinton plan (with mandates), or will Elizabeth have to suck it up, for unity's sake? If he's coming over, what the hell was all that wailing and gnashing of teeth for in the primary? If not, why is Elizabeth on board?

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