June 6, 2008

Puma Power, Puma Wisdom

Puma’s Wisdom Includes:
Being a Generalist
Being Known by Many Names
Lessons in the Use of Power
To be True to Oneself
Purposeful Action
Strength and Elusiveness
Coming Into Your Own Power


1 comment:

texex said...

All I can say, Carissa, is welcome to the wide-wide-world of a "liberated" Democrat (to appropriate a key word from the Women's Rights movement). I've been one for quite a while now and it's a pretty wonderful feeling.

Once, standing in front of the DCDCC HQ before a meeting started, you looked at me as if I were some sort of a sociological curiosity and (paraphrasing) asked me what made me the way I was. Perhaps now after going through the pain you have gone through you understand me better. Or perhaps not.

But as a "liberated" Democrat, I no longer have to hold my nose and pull the straight "D" ticket. I no longer have to keep my voice silent when the "D" candidate is a dirty, rotten, feckless indvidual.

Yet, I feel I am no less of a Democrat but more of one for I can be objective in making my decisions, something which is easily lost in the herd mentality that comes with too many campaign rallys and listening to too many speeches.

I can finally feel my vote matters because I exercise discretion in who gets my vote. My vote, my energies, and my support has again become to mean something very, very precious to me since I am finally "liberated".

So welcome and use your freedom wisely.