June 20, 2008

Rewarmed leftovers

How is Checklist for Change 2.0 any different from the Checklist for Change 1.0 released by the Senate Democratic Women nearly two years ago to the day?

2008 New Hopey Changey Checklist

  • Provide Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • Keep Good Jobs in America
  • Make Health Care Affordable
  • Take Care of Our Military Families and Veterans
  • Restore America's Credibility in the World
  • Protect our Environment
  • Make America Energy Independent
  • Prepare for Future Disasters
  • Enforce Fiscal Accountability
  • Protect the Family Checkbook

2006 "Checklist"

  • Safeguard America's Pensions
  • Keep Good Jobs in America
  • Make College Affordable for All
  • Protect America and Our Military Families
  • Prepare for Future Disasters
  • Make America Energy Independent
  • Make Small Business Health Care Affordable
  • Invest in Life-Saving Science
  • Protect Our Air, Land and Water
And how is it different from the Six for '06?
  • National security
  • Jobs and wages
  • Energy independence
  • Affordable health care
  • Retirement security
  • College access for all
Anyone notice what's missing? Hint: It's what the doomsayers all say we will be sacrificing if we don't start riding the Unity Pony™.

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