June 8, 2008

Tough Love

From a commenter at a blog I frequent:

Okay, here is what I’m writing in reply to the countless Unity emails I receive from Democratic Leadership sites:

Dear Democratic Leaders,

This here is one 56 year old life-long Democrat who will support John McCain in November. The Democratic party has left me, and I believe the only way my formerly beloved party will go back to its original values will to be shocked back into reality party members like myself.

I know the risk, and do not make this decision lightly. I will concentrate on supporting true liberal down-ticket Democrats to help assure a veto-proof majority in the Congress and Senate, as to keep Mr. McCain’s agenda in check. But my money and the thousands of volunteer hours I’ve given over the years, have come to a halt.

You can thank the DNC. The RBC meeting anointing this inexperienced Chicago politician was the very last straw.

I’ve observed the moral and ethical decline of the Democratic Party over many years, but I’ve always held my nose and supported the party-line faithfully, in the hope that things would get better.

But after watching the spineless groveling of our 2006 elected Democratic House and Senate majority, facing a (war criminal) 28% approval rating bully law-breaking president, I have lost all hope for party reform from within, and this final election debacle was the last straw I needed to tear myself away from “my” beloved party.

I am heartbroken over it, but I firmly believe that now it’s time to cut the cancer from the sick patient. Like chemotherapy, it will be arduous and painful, but I believe with all my heart that at this point it is the only way to save true Democratic values and our already partially dismantled constitution.

I have torn up my party registration, and my donations and thousands of past volunteer hours have come to an abrupt halt. I still hope to be able to come back one day, but, for now , the “Hope and Change” being promised to me is so far nothing but words.



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