June 22, 2008

When did they have the Democratic Convention?

I just received this in my inbox from State Senator Stephen Horsford via the Nevada State Democratic Party:

Dear Democratic leaders,

On the eve of Sen. Barack Obama’s first visit to Nevada since becoming the Democratic presidential nominee, Democratic leaders in Northern and Southern Nevada will hold news conferences to to talk about the Democratic unity behind Sen. Obama’s bid for the presidency.

In Reno, Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie and Treasurer Kate Marshall will lead a news conference, and we hope you will stand with them as they discuss Sen. Obama’s plan for Nevada and the nation, and pledge to “Turn Nevada Blue.” At the same time in Las Vegas, Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid and I will spearhead a similar news conference.

As you might have seen, recent polls show Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain in a neck-and-neck race here in Nevada. I hope you can attend this event to show Nevadans that Democrats are united around Sen. Obama and will work together to change our country.

What: Unity news conference on the eve of Sen. Obama’s visit to Las Vegas
When: Noon, Monday, June 23
Where: Washoe County Democratic Party Headquarters
1465 Terminal Way, Suite 1, Reno

For more information, please contact myself at (702) 985-7535 or Kirsten Searer at (702) 236-1498.

Thank you!

Steven Horsford
Senate Minority Leader
Um. No. Until the convention, Barack Obama is the "presumptive" nominee.


Mike said...

Thankyou very mcuh for the heads
up on this, Carissa.
I saw: Pam DuPre, Chris Wicker,
Amy Curtis-Webber, Alison Gauldin,
the Obama organizing fellows, and
a bunch of local activists form
a backdrop as Sheila Leslie, Kate
Marshall, Bernie Anderson, and
David Bobzien speak briefly at this
press conference.

I hadn't been down to the office
there in over a year!!! Strange
not seeing Brian and little Jake.

Again, thanks for the heads up.
(I would otherwise have been likely
immersed in the Truckee River.)

writeinclinton said...

The major news media write these days again and again that Barack Hussein should win over female vote of Hillary's supporters, see ABC for example. Hmm, I am not a female (sure!) wont vote for Obama-baby or McCain (again sure!) so ABC and the likes have counted me out. BUT NEVER COUNT OUT A CLINTON! You will see she will become a President next January. That's the point. In the meantime Barack can continue to inhale until the year 2016 and John to distance himself away from Bush until he founds himself in his Arizonian house.

Yes, I will write-in Hillary no matter what the ballot will look like on the Election day. Go on, Hillary!