June 16, 2008


"I don’t think we thought about who they loved - more that they knew what love was and that they would have love in their lives," he explains. "You know, it’s interesting even just thinking about having this interview. Katherine and Diane and I and her aunt and Sarah were all talking about, you know, would we give an interview to announce one of our kids was straight? It’s just not about the public ... it’s just about making sure that they had the fullness of their personality and their humanity.

H/T to Pocochina


Omnipotent Poobah said...

Sadly, you have to make announcments when loved ones come out of the closet because so ninny will out them for you and you'll spend all your time justifying something that doesn't need any justification.

We live in an odd world indeed.

carissa said...

Ridiculous, isn't it? Everytime someone says to me that being gay is a choice I ask them, "Oh really? When did you choose to be straight?"

My kid, when she was about twelve, got it right when she said, "If two people love each other, why shouldn't they get married?"

texex said...

Something to stand up and cheer about today.